Saarland University: Under Destruction

The Saar­land Uni­ver­sity is lo­ca­ted in Saar­brüc­ken. It is the on­ly uni­ver­sity in the Sa­ar­land (one of Ger­ma­ny’s 16 fe­de­ral sta­tes) and with cur­rent­ly roug­hly 18.000 stu­dents by far the lar­gest edu­ca­tion­al ins­ti­tu­tion in that state.

Over the course of the year 2014, it be­came clear that the un­iver­si­ty is mas­sive­ly threat­ened by dras­tic bud­get cuts. With stu­dents and staff mem­bers wor­ry­ing a­bout the stu­dy con­di­tions (and the lat­ter al­so wor­ry­ing a­bout the sa­fe­ty of their jobs), a hand­ful of pro­test ac­tions took and con­ti­nue to take pla­ce. How­ev­er, it most­ly ap­pears that the re­le­vant de­ci­sions ha­ve al­rea­dy be­en ma­de and that most pro­test has be­en and con­ti­nues to be in va­in.

Des­pi­te the ap­pa­rent ho­pe­less­ness, the i­mag­es on this si­te da­re to pro­test. They part­ly do so by por­tray­ing pro­test it­self and part­ly by show­ing the sub­ject of the con­tro­ver­sy – the uni­ver­sity – from an un­usu­al per­spec­tive.

Click here to re­ad the ar­ti­cle the Saar­brü­cker Zei­tung did on this pho­to se­ries.

Click here to down­load the (ve­ry short) re­port the lo­cal ra­dio sta­tion bigFM Saar­land did on this pho­to se­ries.

Some of the pho­tos will be ex­hi­bit­ed in the so­-cal­led Grü­ne Eck (Main­zer Stra­ße 33, 66111 Saar­brüc­ken). The ex­hi­bi­tion opens on March 10 and ends on March 26.